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"I'd love you like the frenzy of 1000 chimps" should be a t-shirt :D

Very creative! Love the retro style filter and soundtrack <3

veselekov responds:

Not a filter. I actually recorded it only a VHS.

Short, cue, and to the point. Love it :3

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One of the best side scrolling games I've played on NG. Fantastic job with the musical score, monster designs, and simplistic controls.

Music: Fits right in with the overall design and style of the game. Awesome job :)

Controls: Feels a bit slow to move around, and same goes for jumping.

Level Design: It is a maze, as it's described in the game and the music helps give that eerie feel to it. Love it :D

Overall: I hope to see either a revision of this or a sequel :)

Meh... The BG should be scrolling downward to give the illusion of the player accelerating through space and the enemies coming at you in force. Also, the enemies should have some sort of attack or formation pattern, rather then being random.

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This was and still is one of my favorite NES games. You did a fantastic job with the remix :)

Damn dude, this song really does bring back a lot of fond memories of the good ol' NES/SNES days :)

Love the 8-bit mix and overall flow of the beats. Would you be willing to help out on a small project?

15thDimension responds:

Thanks man, really glad you liked it! Shoot me a PM and we'll talk!

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Awesome work once again with the shading and highlighting. Would love to have this on a t-shirt :)

I definitely like the pose you're going for, but it's either the angle of the face or her chin, there's just something off putting about it. Also, this piece doesn't look as seductive as the rest of your work, or have that attraction to it like the rest. Still, great job on the coloring and shading.

Well, here we go again... *unzips*

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